Terms & Conditions


  1. All prices shown are in AUD.
  2. We accept Paypal and Visa, Master Card, American expess in Paypal
  3. The price of products shown excludes delivery cost as delivery costs are added separately to your order once you advise delivery address.


  1. Same day delivery is guaranteed if ordered by 10am
  2. Deliveries are made between 10am & 5pm on weekdays to all business addresses & between 10am & 6pm for residential addresses and weekend deliveries. Sunday by arrangement.
  3. Delivery at a more specific time can be arranged by contacting Heliairit Mobile Party Service after checkout.
  4. Delivery to Businesses: Some deliveries will be made to reception, mail room or other as directed by building/company management. Heliairit  Mobile Party Service takes no responsibility after delivery is accepted by staff.
  5. Delivery to Hospitals: If the patient has been discharged we will contact you for more instructions. Please check with the hospital prior to placing the order. Redelivery will incur an extra delivery fee. Agreeing to these terms & conditions you agree to pay any extra delivery fees.
  6. Delivery to Hotels: Delivery to guests will be made care of the concierge, reception or frontdesk.
  7. Delivery to Schools: Delivery to schools will be made via the front office or reception. Heliairit Mobile Party Service takes no responsibility for the gift after delivery is made to staff. Some schools do not allow delivery directly to the student or staff members. Please check first if important.
  8. If there’s nobody home: The gift will be left in the safest place available. Heliairit Mobile Party Service takes no responsibility for the order if the recipient is not at home. If there is nowhere to leave the gift we will contact you for instructions. If we cannot contact you we will leave with a neighbour if possible or return it to our store. We can redeliver at yours or the recipients request, a fee may be charged. Heliairit Mobile Party Service takes no responsibility for your balloon order after it has been safely delivered. Heliairit Mobile Party Service will not refund, replace or exchange items that have been damaged due to lack of care or surrounding conditions after delivery.


  1. Deposit / Bond on Hire Equipment is 50% cash deposit on over all hire price of order and will be refuned when order has been checked off on collection or returned to Heliairit Mobile Party Service.
  2. Hire items are not insured. All damages, loss and breakages will be charged to the hirer and are their responsibility until collected or returned. Replacements will be charged at full present day values
  3. All hire equipment must be cleaned on collection or returned to avoid a cleaning charge.
  4. All prices are inclusive of GST, and are subject to change without notice.


Heliairit Mobile Party Service do their best to keep products up to date on the website. If a specific product is unavailable: We may substitute with a different design but the sentiment or character will not be substituted unless you’re contacted.If we cannot contact you we will make our best judgement. No refunds will be given in this situation. Extras could be substituted with greater or equal value. Latex balloons will not be substituted.


All cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to delivery date.

No refund for orders cancelled on the day of delivery. Cancellations must be made by phone only to 0458896237.


  1. Foil Balloons: Heliairit Mobile Party Service guarantees our helium inflated foil balloons will continue to float for at least a week or longer. Be aware cold air-conditioning may cause foil balloons to reduce, but will return to full size when exposed to warmer air.
  2. Hi-Floated Latex: All latex balloons treated with Ultra Hi-Float (which is a non toxic coating which extends the balloons float time). When kept inside out of direct sunlight Heliairit Mobile Party Service guarantees the treated balloons will float for 3-5 days.
  3. Please note: Float times may be reduced by atmospheric conditions such as humidity, direct sunlight & cold air.


Heliairit Mobile Party Service take a lot of care & pride when preparing orders and will always offer the best quality product & customer service. Every order leaves the office in perfect condition. As such:

  1. Heliairit Mobile Party Service takes no responsibility for your balloon order after it has been safely delivered.
  2. Heliairit Mobile Party Service will not refund, replace or exchange items that have been damaged due to lack of care or surrounding conditions after delivery.
  3. In the unusual case of balloons/extras being damaged in transit Heliairit Mobile Party Service will replace the damaged product asap.
  4. Please keep in mind that sometimes goods may be in transit for a few hours and if the weather is very warm it could have a detrimental effect on balloons, wine & chocolates. Please check the weather forecast in the summer months before you place your order.


DO NOT inhale the helium from a balloon. This can cause you to lose consciousness due to insufficient oxygen in your lungs hence causing asphyxiation. Don’t do it.

DO NOT release foil balloons outdoors as they are constructed of electrically conductive material (foil) which can become entangled in electric lines causing power outages and damage.

DISCARD broken, uninflated balloons as they can be choking hazard to children.

Please take care when choosing the date of delivery and products for your gift order as Heliairit Mobile Party Service takes no responsibility for incorrect dates or product choice. By ordering with Heliairit Mobile Party Service you agree to all the above terms & conditions.


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